I am Big Show

Mark’s transformational journey to health and fitness is commendable. Mark made a life style change and has stuck with it. The results are amazing. He does not think that yo-yo dieting or making drastic temporary changes work in the long run. His approach of making small changes, being conscious of his relationship with food, occasionally allowing himself to indulge in moderation, embracing exercise as part of his life, and most importantly encouraging himself to look at himself differently is very powerful.

As commendable as his weight loss is, what is very inspiring is how he is working on a painful aspect of his life, which has troubled him since childhood.  Being teased for having ‘man boobs’ was very painful for Mark.  I really appreciate him for being so honest about his past. It is very difficult to have to constantly hide a part of yourself from the world because of the fear of being ridiculed.  Kudos to Mark for transforming his life one day at a time.  His journey is a BIG inspiration to me.  Thank you, Mark.

Mark made a life style change which is helping him overcome a painful aspect of his life. Are you doing the same? If so, we encourage you to share it with us. We would love to learn from you.


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