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In today’s episode Racheal, the founder of Lulu Blossom shares a homemade face mask recipe to give us that extra holiday glow 🙂

Here is the homemade face mask recipe Racheal shared on this episode:

1 avocado, a mixture of grape seed oil and olive oil to equal 1 tbsp of oil and a small tsp of fresh orange juice.
Smash avocado then add liquids and mix thoroughly. Apply all over face and neck and let set for 10 mins and then
wash with warm water.

To learn more about Lulu Blossom visit lulublossom.com

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  1. Sara Reeves says:

    Love the new product line Racheal! Thank you for continuing to do things in a BIG way that will help all the rest of us. I am going to try the mask tonight! Thank you Ayush for another great episode. Can’t wait to see what is next!

  2. Tamara raphaeli says:

    I visited the website to find the recipe and more info on her products. Can you direct me where to find? Thanks

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