I am Big Show

Being interviewed by Ayush was an honor, because what gets left out in our interview is the way he paves the way for people like me to do what I do.  Ayush is a pioneer in the LGBT South Asian community, and was writing gay advice columns in Indian newspapers when I was still trying to find my steps in the gay world.  To be interviewed by such a powerhouse of knowledge, activism, and compassion made me feel big.  While my story is very much about my gay and South Asian identities, I hope it is clear to the audience how comfortable I was to talk about such things because I was speaking with another gay South Asian.  I felt like I was talking to family, and I knew he understood me.  I Am Big was a vulnerable place to be, and to be honest I’m nervous for it to go out into the world — I can’t even remember what I said in the interview!!!  I wonder what my mum’s going to think…

But I trust Ayush, and the story he wants to tell; he is giving the world new stories full of emotion, labor, and community, and is helping little people like myself find the bigness in our lives.

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