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Compassionate Dary shares with us her experiences with the Cambodian Genocide and the power of hope and healing. This is a call to action to all global citizens to help each other move forward together. Watch now to find out more.

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  1. Sara Reeves says:

    Wonderful interview Dary!!! What an amazing story, and can not imagine life at six years of age that Dary experienced. Ayush, your words are wonderful~~ This brings HOPE for tomorrow. Thank you for sharing. One of the best episodes yet!

  2. John D. Mousser says:

    What a heart felt story! I met Dary back in late 2011. She walked me through the meuseum and memorial and told me her famlies story and about the Cambodian genocide. I was deeply touched and learned more then I ever knew about the Camodian genocide. Dary you are a caring and kind and inspiring and a all around wonderful person! Thank you for sharing your story.

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