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This week meet Vibrant Kareem. Kareem started to look at different aspects of night life around him to find a space where he could be himself. Let us see where his search took him and how this has inspired others to be themselves. Watch now to find out how Kareem is building community through Bollywood and drag.


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  1. Sara Reeves says:

    Kareem did a wonderful job on the show today. Finding a place where we can relate to others and where we feel like “home” is so important. I appreciate his viewpoint and the work he is doing to help others connect with friends! Thank you Ayush, another wonderful show!

  2. marie says:

    This episode should have been called charistmatic Kareem. You can feel his intelligence and energy through his actions.

  3. John D. Mousser says:

    I agree with Marie…..Kareem exudes carisma. He seems to be a very genuine and kind person too. I feel it’s great what he is doing to help others connect with the community and themselves. Excellent!!!! Loved the interview!

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