I am Big Show

“People Power- You are big and you look a certain way and you are the butt of lot of ridicule … so what do you do? You lose confidence? Or become depressed? Not if you are Ayush Maheshwari. You turn it all around to empower yourself and then turn it all into relationship management techniques to help empower others.” –Times of India

“The process of Karma Yatra helps in fostering a strong positive relationship between employees.” –The New Indian Express

Karma Yatra can “help employees discover their true potential, empower them to create enduring bonds with their companies, families and society.” –Michael Patro, Deccan Herald

“Companies take Karma Yatra route to reach employees … process helps workers form better bonds with each other, employers.” –Preiti Sharma Shahane, Economic Times

Grow and glow on the job. Karma Yatra is a revolutionary HR initiative in employee relations management.” –Anjali Prayag- Business Line

“Ayush Maheshwari’s signature concept, Karma Yatra, bridges barriers in the employee-employer relationship.” –Neelima Menon, Indian Express

“Connecting people at workplace- Launched in the year 2002, the initiative named Karma Yatra was largely successful in bridging the gap between management and employees and connecting people.” –Newstime

Take the case of Ayush Maheshwari. His positive energy envelopes you making you realize with a tinge of guilt that there is lot in life to be grateful for. Positive thinking, this one characteristic of his nature, has helped him reach where he is today.” –Anupama S. Mani, The Indian Express

“Ayush Maheshwari’s life has been a rollercoaster ride. His recipe for success- ‘Accept that only you are responsible for your help and see how things change. Success is the best system to amplify your inner voice. –Neerja Murthy- The Hindu

Ayush Maheshwari is a “Big Indian with a bigger heart. And his motto in life: ‘Anything’s possible, only if you try.’ Something that’s best visible in his case.” –Jhumari Nigam, Times of India

“Big Indian, a bundle of confidence and fun. Ayush Maheshwari describes himself as the ‘imperfect perfect person.’ But his life has been an example of victory against odds.” –Chirag Mohanty Samal, Deccan Chronicle

“Divya Sreedharan tells the triumphant story of a person who was once regarded as a misfit by his peers.” –Divya Sreedharan, The Hindu Group of Publications.

“One of the youngest directors of a Fortune 200 company, plumpy and cheery Ayush Maheshwari wishes to spread a positive attitude among people through his peppy music album Big Indian.” –Newstime

“Big Indian- Ayush sings Joy of Living with his album.” –Vani Aseem Grover, Financial World

Larger than life- Not happy with the high attrition rates in Indian companies, the gentle giant came up with a process to instill a sense of fulfillment in all spheres of life i.e. work, home or life in general, of an individual which finally leads to Empowerment. Big dreams are made of these!” –Citadel

“Ayush Maheshwari’s Big Indian arrives with a big bang.” –Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, The Asian Age

“Karma Yatra- Ayush Maheshwari has come up with an interactive Employee Relationship Management (ERM) program called ‘Karma Yatra,’ which is aimed at improving the quality of life of employees. Michael Patro watches the young ‘roly-poly package of energy’ as he conducts the program.” –Michael Patro, Deccan Herald

“Bring in employee bonding through ‘Karma Yatra.’” –Rajiv Banerjee, Financial Express

“Karma Yatra boosts employees’ spirits.” –The New Indian Express


  • ‘I want to thank you for bringing out the energy and creativity in the people of Orcale’- Murali Subramaniam- VP, Oracle India
  • ‘I see incredible effects with the overall concept of Karma Yatra’- Malcolm Thorne- VP, ADP
  • ‘You have moved forward to enlighten and motivate others lives. Keep up the good work.- Ali Merchant, i-Vantage
  • ‘If this is what Karma Yatra can do for small team like us, Ayush I believe what music and Karma Yatra can do for the rest of the world. –Kiran Rao- i-Vantage.
  • ‘Karma Yatra gives us a powerful framework for overall empowerment and connects us to broader network for greater good’. –MK Shah- Preisdent- MK Shah Financial Services inc

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