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As we know the economic downturn affected people in several parts of the globe.  For some the impact was harsher and tough decisions had to be made.  Our guest John found himself in the midst of a tough financial situation. John had to make some major changes. He significantly downsized his home and car and got rid of fancy things he did not need.  He took ownership of the situation and worked through it. He also took a hard look at his life and redefined his priorities. His cat, Benjamin, has been his loyal companion in this journey.  John also took full responsibility of making sure that Benjamin’s needs were met the whole time. John might have lesser things today but he has more control and freedom. Most importantly he has lovely Benjamin by his side. John says that he has learnt a lot from Benjamin.

Have you had a similar experience? Do you agree that less is more?


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  1. John D. Mousser says:

    Less is always more. The more we have the more we have to contend with. Being smart and learning how to handle affairs with money should definitely be a key point in everyone’s life. Saving for one’s retirement should be a number one goal when thinking about the future. The more you save and invest when younger, the more comforable one’s life will be as we settle into retirement years. Hiring a financial planner or an accountant earlier on will help in money management. But make sure it’s someone that can be trusted with your money. Someone who will have your best interest in mind. So keep it simple. Work smart and earn well and spend with caution! Don’t live outside of your means because you’ll only create problems that are unnecessary. Take it from me because I know first hand. Take care!

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