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From Zain to You.

Ayush is a close friend of mine, and his show inspires us to be BIG, think BIG, and live BIG. I am happy to have been invited to discuss my Grandma Ruth who recently celebrated her 91st birthday! We should all be so lucky to live a long and fulfilling life as she. She has Alzheimer’s Disease which is a devastating brain disease that often causes people to forget who their loved ones are, who they are, what they are doing, and why they are where they are. Due to this increasingly unreliable memory, she responds deeply to spontaneous happenings around her. For this reason we make every attempt to entertain her so that she laughs and keeps engaged in life. In this way she has made me a better person because I always try to act my best whenever she is around. I have learned that the environment I and my family choose to create is the world she lives in, and I want my grandma to have the best possible world. My Grandma Ruth is BIG even though her memory has diminished.

If her story inspires you, please do not hesitate to visit her Tribute Fund below to join our fight against Alzheimer’s.

Click here to view the fund page for Ruth Kope Tribute Fund

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  1. Kathy Hays says:

    Hello Ayush and Zain!

    Zain, this is a beautiful story of love. Love for family, love of you and your wife, because without the love and bond you and your wife share, you could not lovingly care for your Grandmother. I know your story will touch many and I hope inspire a deeper connection with our senior family members and friends. One of my treasured confidants is my 92 year-old Aunt Estelle. Ayush, thank you for bringing this important message to your show.

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