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 Here are some resources available to families affected by alcoholism:

Al -Anon Family Groups http://www.al-anon.alateen.org

Adult Children of Alcoholics(ACA)  http://www.adultchildren.org/

Here are some Foster care resources:


It Takes an Ohana: http://ittakesanohana.org/

Hawaii Foster Youth Coalition: http://www.kukuicenter.org/hawaii-foster-youth-coalition/


Foster Kids Are Our Kids: http://www.fosterkidsareourkids.org/about

Children’s Home + Aid: http://www.childrenshomeandaid.org/page.aspx?pid=214


Treehouse:  http://www.treehouseforkids.org/

F-factor: Fun, Fashion, & Friends for Foster Children:  http://f-factor.org/home

Annie E. Casey Foundation:


Children’s Rights: http://www.childrensrights.org/about/mission-and-methods/

National Resource Center for Youth Development:  http://www.nrcyd.ou.edu/

PBS recently aired a documentary, Aging Out and created an entire website to telling the story of several foster children. A national level foster child resource list is also available on the site. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/agingout/index-hi.html

College Tuition Assistance for Foster Children.

Many states have instituted tuition waiver programs for foster children.  Links to several states are below.  Look online for your state. Even if your state does not have a state-wide tuition waiver program, many individual universities and colleges have a similar program.

North American Council on Adoptable Children: http://www.nacac.org/adoptionsubsidy/factsheets/tuition.html

Connecticut:  http://www.cga.ct.gov/2012/rpt/2012-R-0067.htm

Massachusetts: http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/consumer/family-services/youth-services/adolescent/education.html

Tennessee: http://www.tn.gov/collegepays/mon_college/hope_foster_grant.html

New York: http://nysccc.org/family-supports/helping-services/education-vocational-resources/tuition-assistance-and-scholarships-for-youth/

Kentucky: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/krs/164-00/2847.PDF

Here are some of the resources available to the LGBTQIA South Asian community.

Trikone-Bay Area: Trikone.org


www.hope4fertility.com  helps others who are struggling to build their families find the resources and support they need to become parents.

Visit the following resources available to families affected by murder or execution. 

Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation (MVFR):  www.mvfr.org

Murder Victims’ Families for Human Rights (MVFHR): http://www.mvfhr.org/

Sheilah A. Doyle Foundation:  http://www.sadfund.org/

The Innocence Project: http://www.innocenceproject.org/


Visit the following web sites for more information on bullying prevention.




 It Gets Better Project     www.itgetsbetter.org

GLSEN   www.glsen.org

The Alliance:  Illinois Safe Schools             www.Illinoissafeschools.org

PFLAG   www.pflag.org

The following resources are available for those looking to support their friends and family or for those looking to find support for themselves.   

PFLAG  www.pflag.org

The Sibling Support Project http://www.siblingsupport.org/

Finding a local support group   http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/go/find_support_group

The following resources can help you budget your finances. 

Mapping Your Future  http://mappingyourfuture.org/money/budget.htm

Family Monthly Budget Planner- Microsoft Office Downloadable Template 


The following resources offer assistance to those dealing with cancer or looking for ways to support friends and family who are.

Twist Out Cancer   www.twistoutcancer.org

Immerman Angels    www.immermanangels.org

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center    www.lurie.northwestern.edu

The Oncofertility Consortium www.oncofertility.northwestern.edu/

Fertile Hope www.fertilehope.org

Were you inspired by Resilient Mark’s story? If you are working on living a healthier lifestyle, these resources can help.

Weight Watchers   www.weightwatchers.com

Eating Well Magazine    http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus

Fitness programs: 5 steps to getting started- MayoClinic.com


Fitness 101: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Excercise


‘This list is for refernce purposes only’.