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Wow!  It is 2013 already and we are on Season 2 of the show. Time does fly, doesn’t it? This year I have a lot to be grateful for. One of things I am very grateful for is the opportunity to share our show with You. It has been my lifelong mission to create different platforms where we can acknowledge and appreciate our everyday lives. I AM BIG show is honored to share your experiences and learn from you. Thank you. I also want to thank all of our season 1 Guests. Each one of them has enriched our lives in different ways.

  • Unstoppable Elissa’s approach to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in small steps gives us a simple  strategy we can apply to complex situations in life. Breaking it down into small steps is much easier than looking at a big goal in its totality.
  • Irresistible Ivo’s realization that he needed help and then reaching out for it is very powerful. He reminds us that no matter what we are going through in our lives, there is help out there and it is ok to ask for it.
  • Bubbly Sara’s ability to laugh and embrace life with grace is beautiful.  Rather than feeling alone she found connection in giving to the world around her. Sara, you are absolutely right when you say that one has to give to receive. Let us continue to connect with the communities around us. We are not alone.
  • Nurturing Noel’s resilience and hope touches our hearts. It makes us realize that no matter what the outcome is, what really matters is whether we have done everything we can to get to where we want to be.  As long as we do that we are doing our part and we are doing it well.
  • The Strong Couple shares with us their approach on fitness and how to make it sustainable. They emphasize to us the importance of actualizing our potential. We can do it!
  • Radiant Racheal’s journey of finding her true calling and then tenaciously working at it to make it into a business is very inspiring. Racheal, you show us that vision empowered by planning and hard work gets results. Success lies in sticking with it.

My resolution for 2013 is to work towards a healthier life style. I am almost 340 pounds today and I want to work towards getting fitter. This time I want to do it for the right reasons. I want to be able to experience the goodness life has to offer for a long time. As I am embark this journey of health and wellbeing, I know what I have learned from the guests who have already been on our show and what I am about to learn from the upcoming guests will continue to inspire me in my own journey. No matter what your resolutions are, I am hoping that YOU will share your journey with us and that together we can support each other to make this coming year a BIG year for all of us! I have shared my resolution with you, now it is your turn. What is your BIG resolution for 2013?   Big Hugs, Ayush

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  1. Jen says:

    I am working on two things this year: 1) getting healthier (excercising and quitting smoking) and 2) being more authentic in my interactions with others and in my life in general. I don’t classify these as New Year’s resolutions because I want to make them life-long processes that I can continually work on, rather than short-term goals that I may let fall by the roadside. Thank you to the I Am Big show for being a tool to inspire and motivate me!

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